Our History

The Company:

Coltene is a company internationally known for its quality and innovation in the development of dental products. It has been the main manufacturer of impression materials of high accuracy around the world. In 1990, the Switzerland`s company Coltène AG joined its forces with the American company Whaledent Inc. Thenceforth, the company operates in the market under a common brand Coltène/ Whaledent.

Professionals from all over world rely on products from this company for treatments of dental implants and reconstruction, as well as more traditional treatments. Coltene offers a product line that covers the whole dental treatment process.

Aiming the expansion of its global presence in 90s, Coltène is inserted in the Brazilian market through Vigodent Indústria e Comércio Ltda, which starts to distribute Coltène products. Already in 2010, after several years of business relationship with Coltène, Vigodent completed its transition to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coltene Group in Brazil. Throughout this period, Vigodent came preparing for this new stage, becoming increasingly a solid, modern and innovative company through an ongoing process of development and evolution with the full modernization of equipment and industrial processes.
This change resulted in great technological support from Switzerland, culminating with our ISO and CE (export qualification for European Union) certifications.

Nowadays, present in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and several European countries, Coltene has its own industrial park, latest equipment, total quality management and a R&D center, presenting results increasingly significant in the search for new ideals of a company with global operation.

Coltene Brasil invests approximately 10% annual sales in R&D. It is part of its philosophy the relentless pursuit for innovation in products and materials that provide the improvement of oral health and the people smile, with affordable cost and high quality to the market.

R&D area from Coltene Brasil has an effective and permanent participation of several professionals with high qualification in dentistry area linked to several universities.
The existing partnership between Coltene and those professionals / entities has a very positive relationship for company, since they are high-level professionals and entities sharing experiences and giving a technical support in the development of the products and analytical methods.
In recent years, the great strategy of the company has been the investment in R&D area, becoming increasingly possible to dispute spaces of the national and international markets in equal basis with large companies, both in terms of quality as in the diversification of its product line.


Coltene Brasil believes that only through social and environmental responsibility is possible to reach the financial success in a sustainable way. In its new phase, the sustainable development is a long-term commitment with the future generations that we seek to ensure through the implementation of a new environmental management system.
In all our operation sites, we are committed with:
– Education, qualification and training of our employees about environmental issues;
– Pollution prevention;
– Minimize adverse impacts inherent to our activities and products;
-Search for energy efficiency, ensuring the conscious use of the natural resources;
– Compliance with applicable legal requirements to environmental issue;
– Encouragement of practices that contribute to environmental preservation, such as recycling.


Coltene Brasil believes and has partnerships with universities and sector entities nationwide. This partnership consists of material donations, awards, free courses for students and graduated professionals.