One Coat Bond SL

Hydrophilic light-curing adhesive for enamel and dentin




  • 5th generation adhesive
  • Water-based, does not evaporate and there is no waste
  • Technique of direct and indirect restorations
  • Only one application (Single layer)
  • Less sensible to humidity




  • Direct restorations (all classes: I, II, III, IV and V)
  • Indirect restorarion techniques



  • Dropper bottle with 5 mL

Ministry of Health (ANVISA) nº 10068870098

One Coat Bond SL
One Coat Bond SL

One Coat Bond SL

Understanding the simplified dentin adhesives with total etching
Prof.Dr. Carlos Francci

From material view, the starting point for study of the current restorative materials is the correct use of the adhesive systems, condition of fundamental importance for the restorations can remain adhered to dental tissues satisfactorily throughout time. These systems are composed by different components (acid, primer and the adhesive itself) that interact each one of the dental hard tissues (enamel and dentin) involved in the cavities that require the application of the restorative therapeutics, in accordance with their histomorphological features.

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